Hi, and welcome to Thompson Tutors!

We’ll have you up and speaking English in absolutely NO TIME!  hah! No time?  That is an “idiomatic expression”…  It’s one of the myriad of things you’ll learn with us Thompsons, along with a whole bunch of idiotic expressions we have in our beloved English language as well… that’s the ‘slang’ that we use often!

But, don’t despair!  We’ll teach you what you need, when you need it, for the purpose you desire!  So please contact one of us to let us know your hearts’ desires, and we’ll fulfill just those!

jordao@aol.com or just Skype me! at jordao7

I’ll be posting much, much more on this website as time goes on, not only in English, which makes no sense at all, since most of you don’t speak it well enough, but in Spanish, Portuguese as well as French, for now.  Someday, ahh, wouldn’t I love to have over 700 languages like that amazing site:  JW.ORG!!!!! That is absolutely incredible!!!!! How do they do that?