About us

Your Thompson Tutors, Jan and Jordan, have been around…

Jan is Canadian, born in Ottawa, Canada to a native East German and a true-blue Birmingham, UK Brit.   At 18, Jan moved to Montréal, Québec, Canada, and studied French, and volunteered among the thousands of Haitian immigrants.

Jordan was born in Brasil, to Canadian missionaries, so he is a native Canadian English speaker, as well as a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker.  After moving to Canada at 15, he learned French, and then perfected Spanish, and is fluent in both.

Together, they have travelled, for work and play, over 42 countries, and over 700 cities of the world, from Sagres to Singapore, and São Paulo to Saint Isidore.   Scuba, soccer, sun, samba, sand, salt, sea, snow, surf, spices, sssssssssssspeaking other languages! They continue a lifetime of teaching others through their experience.

We are cheating on this picture, it was in 2005…!

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